Brilliant Laser Cut Designs of February

Laser Cut Heart

Brilliant Laser Cut Designs of February

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Otter Keyrings


As it was Valentine’s Day recently, we thought we’d start off with these personalised keyrings. These are made from 3mm birch ply and are also available in mirrored acrylic.

The Iron Giant


Iron Giant Artwork

This amazing layered design is made up of 7 layers of plywood and MDF, and handfinished with veneers from various exotic woods.

Brush Holders


Laser Cut Acrylic Brush Holder

This brush holder was made from perspex for a beauty company. A simple design but very effective, made cut on the LS6840 PRO.


Whisky Flight Tray


Whisky Barrel Table

In collaboration with Bams Barrel Bits, Punx Designs made this excellent commission.  engraving the graphics into the solid oak flight tray.

Bedside Tidy


Laser Cut Desk Tidy

This bedside tidy/desk stand is designed to store your phone, watch, wallet, keys and more! It features a personalised element that stands out well on its dark walnut.

Elvis Guitar


Custom Guitar

Pats wooden Crafts produce a wide range of products, including custom guitar bodies like this one. Processed with Photograv software then engraved on the LS3040 PRO.

Railway Station


Model Railway Station

Based on a railway station that was demolished, this design used 3mm laser ply for the shell before adding a second layer to add brick detail before being painted. Roof tiles are made from 0.4mm gasket paper, and window frames from thick card. Although this looks the finished product, lighting and windows are soon to be added! Very well made on the LS1290 PRO.

Leopard Coaster


Engraved Leopard Coaster

Slate seems to be a favourite for detailed designs, and this leopard image shows us why. This was engraved with the LS3020 Desktop Laser, proof the 35W machine packs a punch.


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