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CNC Routers

The Laserscript Range of CNC Routers

Our range of Laserscript CNC routers are assembled and tested in Halifax, West Yorkshire using only the highest quality components.

Each machine comes with an impressive specification with a host of optional extras available such as vacuum beds, uprated spindle motors,  toolchange options and safety enclosures.

As with all of our products, delivery, onsite installation and training are available and purchase of one of our machines entitles you to lifetime e mail and telephone technical support.

Simply purchase any HPC CNC Router and you will receive a FREE £250 voucher to spend on tooling at
ITC Ltd.

Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd are a British-made brand offering reliable, quality tools across an unbeatable product range.

The voucher enables you to purchase whichever tools you like – up to the value of £250 – for use with your HPC CNC Router machine*

CNC 6090 CNC Router

The CNC6090 is an ideal machine for most production needs and small businesses. This machine has an increased engraving depth which allows it to use a wide range of material thickness.

CNC 1212

The Laserscript CNC1212 is a tough and flexible CNC router, perfect for sign makers, woodworkers and general fabrication. This is a great machine for private owners and businesses alike.


The CNC1325 offers optimum efficiency and productivity. It has a large bed size and is the perfect combination for a number of businesses. This is also equipped with a vacuum bed.

CNC Router for cutting stone, marble and slate

CNC1325 Stone Router

(1300 x 2500mm Bed)

£13,925 + VAT

The CNC1325 Stone Router is an industrial machine with a 1300 x 2500mm work area. This 4.5kW water cooled system comes complete with a built-in spray feature to remove excess dust and debris.

Laserscript CNC3116 CNC Router

CNC3015 CNC Router

(1500 x 3000mm Bed)

£16,225 + VAT

The CNC3015 is a professional machine that offers a huge bed size of 3000mm x 1500mm. This is perfect for a variety of businesses and comes complete with dust extraction and a vacuum bed.

Laserscript CNC2030 CNC Router

CNC2030 CNC Router

(2000 x 3000mm Bed)

£17,025 + VAT

The CNC2030 is a professional machine offering a bed size of 2000mm x 3000mm. This machine is supplied with dust extraction and a vacuum bed as standard.

* If the purchase amount exceeds the £250 gift voucher, the additional spend will need to be paid with another payment method, ie; debit or credit card.

About CNC Router Machines

CNC router machines are computer controlled  tools which use a high speed rotating cutter to perform cutting and shaping operations. They are ideally suited to many materials such as plastics, woods, carbon fibre and light metals such as aluminium that CO2 laser cutters cannot process. They are also suitable for processing materials that are too thick or whose properties present problems for a laser cutting machine, such as polycarbonate.

CNC routers are often used only in 2D mode for cutting shapes from flat materials. However, with a fully programmable Z-axis and suitable design file they are equally capable of machining elaborate 3D profiles and designs into the same wide range of materials.

Features, software and tooling

All our UK CNC router kits are supplied with a vacuum bed arrangement with the exception of the CNC6090, which has a T slot arrangement as standard with a vacuum bed available as an option. Most machines are available with multiple automatic or manual toolchange options and other features such as uprated spindle motors. Water cooled spindle motors are also available, offering higher rotational speeds, low noise and high efficiency.

HPC CNC routers are supplied with Vectric Cut2D Pro software which converts dxf files into a format suitable for the router. The files are then simply transferred to the router, usually using a USB stick inserted into the hand controller. Educational licenses are available, allowing one license to be installed on up to 40 computers in a classroom. See Vectric Educational License for further details.

A wide range of tooling options are available which are compatible our standard ER collets. Please contact us to find out more about the options available.

Any Questions?

We offer realistic and impartial advice as to the practicalities and capabilities of each machine for particular applications. We welcome the opportunity to process sample components for prospective customers and we offer live demonstration sessions on our entire machine range at our showroom in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK.

How To Get In Touch

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US to discuss your application with our friendly and knowledgeable UK based sales team.

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