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Case Studies

Image of the Pinewood Studio estate

Creative Media Skills Institute at Pinewood Studios

HPC Laser collaborated with Adam Rose, Lead Tutor of the Art Department at the Creative Media Skills Institute, when he got in contact with a requirement for a laser machine that would be suitable to produce feature film quality props and models. The institute offer specialist training for film and TV production students, and a CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine was sought to assist with prop making, miniature models, and set design. The machine supplied was an LS6090, which is ideal for cutting and engraving a wide range of materials such as wood, plastics, leather, fabrics, rubber, paper and card, all of which are used by the students when making the component parts for their models and props.

Adam explained, “There is now a strong demand for laser cutting technology in the fabrication process of creative workshops and art/design departments. Students are increasingly required to have experience in using laser cutting machines when seeking work as crew in film and TV productions. It was essential we introduced laser cutting technology at the CMS Institute as it gives the accuracy and precision that sometimes human hands can’t. It was HPC’s strong name and good reputation for high quality machines that lead me to reach out to them.”

Customer: The CMS Institute
Machine: HPC LS6090
Laser source: Water Cooled CO2 Glass Tube

The University of Manchester School of Engineering

HPC Laser worked closely with Manchester University to specify, configure, build, deliver and install a LS1390 machine (1300 x 900mm bed) together with a 3kW IPG laser source and fully specified safety enclosure in order to demonstrate and teach students about medium power fibre laser cutting of a wide range of materials.

Access to the installation location was difficult so HPC Laser produced a bespoke design with separate electrical distribution cabinet.

The machine assembly was stripped down for delivery and reassembled in the basement room where it needed to be located.

An imagine of the HPC fiber laser installation at Manchester University

Customer: Manchester University
Machine: HPC Mini PRO LS1390
Laser source: 3kW single mode IPG fibre

HPC Laser Customer Case Studies

HPC Laser have been successfully delivering bespoke laser solutions into a multitude of applications since 2007. On this page of our site we explore some of the high profile installations we have been involved with.

CO2 laser engraving and cutting has always been a mainstay of the HPC Laser business, with over 7000 machines delivered into an incredibly diverse range of applications from education, signmaking, trophy engraving, general industry and hobby use. However, as laser specialists our experience now extends into other laser applications.

We offer fibre laser metal cutting machines from 1kW up to 20kW and suitable for a wide range of materials from carbon and stainless steels, aluminium, brass, copper and titanium.

Our fibre laser engraving machines are suitable for engraving fine detail onto many different surfaces such as anodised, powder coated or even uncoated metals. Some plastics which are not compatible with CO2 engraving machines react very well to fibre laser wavelength and produce excellent results.

Finally our range of CNC routers are suitable for many materials such as woods and plastics which are either too thick or incompatible with laser processing. Typical examples include chlorinated plastics such as PVC, polycarbonate, aluminium and composite sheets and carbon fibre.

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