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Laser Engravers

The Laserscript Range of Laser Engravers

HPC Laser offer a range of “Galvo” laser engravers in both CO2 and fibre formats for incredibly fast and accurate engraving of metallic and non-metallic items.

Our fibre laser engravers, also known as laser markers, will mark both coated and uncoated metals without the need for a marking compound. Our CO2 laser engravers are perfectly suited for marking plastics, woods, coated metals. Additionally, they will engrave uncoated metals with the use of a ceramic marking compound.

Galvo laser engravers usually have a small marking area, typically up to 200mm x 200mm but their incredible speed and accuracy must be seen to be believed.

LSG200 Galvo Laser Engraver

Whilst our CO2 Galvo machine has the same limitations as a conventional CO2 machine (will only engrave uncoated metals with the use of a ceramic marking compound) its incredible speed offers cost-effective production rates with compatible materials.

LSE110 Fibre Laser Engraver

Our LSE110 provides a cost effective solution for rapid, consistent fiber laser marking and engraving of uncoated metals such as mild, stainless and non-ferrous metals. With self contained air cooling, onboard fume extraction and multiple engraving area options.

LS110 Fiber Marking Machine

The ultimate in laser marking machines, our LS110 fibre engraves coated and uncoated metals with incredible speed. The safety interlocked enclosure can be custom made to suit your requirements and multiple lens options offer a marking area up to 200mm x 200mm.

Laser Engraving Machines UK

HPC Lasers range of dedicated laser engraving machines offer practical solutions for incredibly fast engraving of metallic and non-metallic products. These machines are also used as laser markers.

The integrated “Galvo” head installed into these machines is a fully enclosed device with dynamic mirrors providing the incredibly accurate positioning of the laser. With no external moving parts and an invisible laser beam, the engraving appears as if by magic before your very eyes and with unparalleled speed.

Laser engravers are around 10 times faster than a conventional CO2 laser cutting machine. This makes production throughputs are extremely impressive.

CO2 Galvo machines also possess the ability to cut thin non-metallic materials such as paper, card and some plastics such as Mylar.

Safe and reliable operation

Because our laser engravers have no external moving parts they are extremely safe to use. The optical hazard from the invisible laser source is fully contained in a safety enclosure. Enclosures can be manufactured to suit specific requirements. All safety enclosures are provided with Allen Bradley Guardmaster CE marked non-contact safety switches for the maximum in failsafe protection.

All machines are supplied with the intuitive EZCAD software package. This program offers a creative platform to either import externally created design files or to produce designs from within the software.

As with the entire HPC Laser product range, we offer highly competitive prices, business and personal finance solutions. As well as delivery, installation and training from our nationwide team of highly experienced engineers. Purchase of a HPC laser engraving machine entitles you to free of charge lifetime access to our highly rated e mail an telephone technical support, meaning help is always close at hand if you are having problems.

Any Questions?

We offer realistic and impartial advice as to the practicalities and capabilities of each machine for particular applications. We welcome the opportunity to process sample components for prospective customers. Hence why we offer live demonstration sessions on our entire machine range at our showroom in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK.

How To Get In Touch

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US to discuss your application with our friendly and knowledgeable UK based sales team.

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