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Best Laser Cutting Designs of January

Woods in Winter

Best Laser Cutting Designs of January

Welcome to the first Laser Cut Designs edition of 2021!

It’s amazing to see you rolling out more products and pushing the boundaries of your laser cutters.

Here’s to a new year!


The Goonies Coasters


The Goonies Slate Engraving

If you haven’t seen any of their work before, @purepallets are masters of upcycling reclaimed timber but, as you can see, they’ve also mastered laser engraving slate with their LS6090 PRO.


Personalised Cake Topper


Personalised Cake Topper made with a Laser Cutter

There’s no better way to give a cake a personalised edge than with a cake topper. They’re becoming popular by the day, and this gold acrylic topper shows why.


Bowie Bonce


Laser Engraving of David Bowie

This David Bowie piece is the result of Perspex, spray paint, laser cutting with a whole lot of creativity and stardust.


Cake Topper


Laser Cut Acrylic Cake Topper

This cake topper was made for a loved one that spends a lot of time away maintaining wind turbines out at sea! It really is an incredibly creative and sentimental design.


Tiger Ear Rings


Laser Cutting Acrylic Earrings

These stunning 3mm gold mirror acrylic ear rings are a part of the ever-expanding and exotic @whatlauradrew collection.


Coffee Sign


Laser Cut Wooden Sign

Satin cream letters on a walnut stained mount leave a brilliant finish for this coffee shop sign.


Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange Laser Engraving

This hand-painted Kawaii pendent of Marvel’s Doctor Strange is just one of the iconic Marvel characters created by @thief.of.time.uk which are well worth checking out!


Thanks for joining us!

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