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Best Laser Cutting Designs for Christmas

Holly Berries by anniespratt.com

Best Laser Cutting Designs for Christmas

Another year has flown by for us at HPC Laser, and we hope you all have a well deserved break over Christmas!

Enjoy these festive laser designs and let us know what you think of them!


Wreath Bauble


Laser Engraving on Bauble

These wreath baubles are available in a number of colours, with your choice of name or message!


Etched Coasters


Laser Etching on Glass Coasters

The etched glass leaves a beautiful frosted finish, giving the coasters a brilliant winter feel. The set comes with its own stand to show off the layered engraving when not in use.


Die Hard


Laser Engraved Acrylic Christmas Necklace

Available as a brooch or necklace, this quirky Christmas jewellery is sure to split the crowd. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?


Snowglobe Bottle


Laser Etched Glass BottleLaser Etched Glass Bottle

Laser engraving glass isn’t the easiest but, this has been perfected by @ngraved_shetland for this snowglobe bottle. If that wasn’t enough you “can also fill these with your tipple of choice and add edible glitter”. Consider us sold…


Santa Hoops


Laser Cut Acrylic Santa Ear Rings

These hoops are part of an eye-catching leopard print Christmas range, made by laser engraving acrylic LS6840 PRO.


Family Christmas Plaque


Personalised Laser Engraving on Christmas Decoration

This plaque is made from oak, with added 3D lettering to make it pop. It can be hung or freestanding, and is completely personalisable.


Sleigh Necklace


Laser Cut Acrylic Christmas Necklace

It doesn’t get more Christmassy than Santa’s reindeer pulling his sleigh! These necklaces are made from gold and silver mirror mounted on 3mm clear acrylic.


Snowman Necklace


Laser Cut Acrylic Snowman Necklace

This unique snowman was made on the LS3040 Desktop Laser, using cloudy and glitter acrylic. We love this piece and the clever use of material.


Family Star


Personalised Laser Cut Christmas Star

Christmas isn’t complete without a tree topper, and these personalised family stars are ideal for topping off your tree. Available in wood effect, white acrylic, gold or silver.


Christmas Tags


Laser Cut Pet Name Tags

These pet tags are amazing, and an excellent way to spoil your house critters over the Christmas season.


Stag Advent Calendar


Laser Cut Advent Calendar

Minimalist pieces can stand out even more at this time of year, and this Advent Calendar is a great example of that. It was cut from 6mm plywood with the LS6840 PRO before being painted and constructed.




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