markSolid 114 Laser Metal Marking Spray, 300ml

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New Larger Increased Can Size: 300ml. Aerosol Spray Can.
MarkSolid Increased Content Laser Marking Spray 114 Black.
Ideal for marking metals, fast and simple to apply;
Leaves a permanent high contrast black mark

Shake the aerosol can thoroughly before use to achieve a homogenous suspension of marking material inside the can. Spray uniformly at a 10” distance from the surface and move the nozzle from one side to the other covering the whole substrate area.

Start spraying away from the area to be marked and move towards the opposite side and past the target area. Over-spraying before and after the target area allows constant velocity of movement and will help provide an even coating on the substrate. As in all liquid/paste ink products, consistency in application process is important for the quality of the mark. 

Again, desired coating thickness varies by product and substrate so it is important to consult the individual page for your product for exact guidelines prior to application. Generally, however, the optimal wet film layer thickness for metals is about 0.5 – 2 mils. As both aerosol products are for use on metal, one or two coatings are typically enough. You will achieve better marks using our recommended coating thicknesses than simply applying more ink. If your material coating is too thick it will absorb too much laser energy and fail to bond to the substrate. If your material coating is too thin the pigment density of the material layer will not be high enough to create an optimal mark. It is important to realize that correct coat thickness is often even more important than the accuracy of laser settings for creating optimal marks. 

Allow the applied marking material to dry. Unaided air drying typically requires several minutes. A fan, heat gun, or hair dryer can be used to accelerate the process to 10 seconds or less.

This product should coat  up to 2m².

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