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You will have seen the beam cutting rapidly through various materials and will realise that the beam can be very dangerous. It is absorbed by clothing and flesh, etc if it is allowed to escape from the working cabinet, e.g. by using it with the side flaps down, and so these are best kept locked at all times. Obviously there are safety switches (compliant with the latest regulations) which prevent the laser operating with the lid open and there is no hazard when the machine is used properly. We recommend that you buy our approved laser safety goggles (about £50) to use when you align the beam, but when the case is closed there is no problem as the beam cannot escape through the material of the viewing window or the metal case. The laser beam can travel many metres and still present a fire or burn hazard. As mentioned above, the voltage used to drive the tube is 20kV or more, so the machine should never be operated when there is any possibility of anyone coming near the power supply and should always be disconnected from the mains when repairing the electrical system. The DVD will provide more details of safe operation and you must watch it before using the machine.
Fire hazards: Most plastics when cut produce an oil which can coat the laser bed as our slatted beds are easy to clean there is less chance of a fire risk if cleaned. the air assist should always be used on the high power machines and they should always be supervised and never left,remember you are cutting with a very intense heat of the laser beam.



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