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There are several designs for the surface on which the material being worked on rests. For example, the bed may be made with a thin honey comb type material giving a rigid surface. We find these supports can rapidly fill with small pieces cut out from the material. This is difficult to remove, as well as looking unsightly. In fact they can look tatty after being used once or twice, in our opinion. They are the devil to clean! In addition, the edges of the honey comb can be damaged if the material to be cut is pushed across them rather than being put down carefully.
Another design has removable metal slats, which are fine, until you need to turn the table over to retrieve the waste material which has fallen through, or to use the other side. In addition, if the slats are other than black and you are working on clear acrylic in particular, the beam can be reflected back on the underside of the material and damage it.
The design we prefer, which is fitted to most and soon to all our range of machines, uses fixed slats which present a flat surface on one side, suitable for thin materials which need support, e.g. fabric, veneer etc. The frame holding these can be turned over easily to give line support across the width of the bed. This side is suitable for more rigid material, e.g. acrylic, ply, MDF etc. The slats are blackened and still look smart after a great deal of use. Another (not too hard) choice for you to make!

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