Although the laser itself produces no fumes, the material being worked on usually does. A laser cutting acrylic thermally decomposes the material and produces fumes which are 90% volatiles and 10% sub-micron particulates. We recommend the industry leading “BODA” filtration systems using HEPA and carbon filters, depending on what you are cutting/engraving. As an independent company we will only recommend the best and most suitable filter for your machine and your health.

You can also extract the fumes to the atmosphere usually without problems, provided you never cut PVC. This emits chlorine when worked which is a health hazard as well as likely to damage aluminium parts of the machine.

All our laser are supplied with an extraction fan unit and ducting to vent to atmosphere. If you cannot vent to an outside area you would need the use of a laser fume filter which is generally cleaner and safer although more expensive. The fume filter allows you to run the machine in an enclosed space but without the need for a hole through an outside wall.


The fume filtration units are also mounted on four castors for increased mobility. We would simply wheel in your laser machine and filter unit, link them up, and talk you through the simple process of using them. The filter unit takes care of the rest. The fume filtration systems are designed to protect personnel from inhaling hazardous fumes and dust that are generated when a material is marked, cut or engraved with a laser.


If you do choose to vent to atmosphere you will need would need a suitable hole or method planned to vent to the atmosphere (usually a hole in the wall) and a backdraft eliminator or louvre vent to ensure that the wind, rain and elements do not blow back through the ventilation hole and affect the laser machine. Most users tend to make this after the machine has been installed so that you can see its final position. 


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