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Here at HPC Laser Ltd we took a view early into our business model that customers should have an affordable solution we took the route of glass water cooled tubes which have a cost range of £195-350 to replace in the majority of cases.

The other option available is air cooled RF tubes the typical replacement or re-gas cost is from £1200-5,000 depending upon suppliers with limited warranty on the exchange.

Please feel free to ask any supplier for an accurate cost most gloss over this part when selling a machine.

Again look at what you are using your laser for ?

The glass tubes we sell DO NOT require a water supply or drain (thanks Competitors). We at the simplest use a reservoir tank just re-circulating the water to cool the tube. This is sufficient in most cases. However a chiller unit will allow you to run your machine 24/7 cooling the water as required. This is the same method as larger power RF tubes.


This is where RF tubes have an advantage but look carefully. The general warranty is 10,000 hours OR 2 Years, this equates to around 4-5 years use at best then a big bill to re gas and re fit the tube plus downtime.

Our View and now tested over nearly 8 years, we supply arguably the best glass tubes made. We test trial and run the tubes and although we suggest the life as 1200-1500 working hours, our tube manufacturers are now giving an estimated life span of 2-3,000 hours. These claims can be easily substantiated as we have customers running in excess of this. One example we know of is a 60w tube running 24hours in production in excess of 12 months and still going strong.

We carry a constant stock of all tubes in stock.

Customers are so impressed with our machines we recently supplied a 6090 and 6040 machines where it was more economical than re gassing the tubes on two Epilog machines say no more.

Look at how long you will be using your machine bearing in mind set up, breaks, lunchtime etc you will soon find you may only be working 4-6 hours of laser time per day.


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