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Established in 2006, HPC Laser Ltd recognised the need for reasonably priced CO2 laser engraver and cutting machines. These were available at very high initial prices, imported from the USA and had high maintenance costs. More affordable machines were beginning to be made in China but were unknown quantities. HPC, taking the advice of a laser specialist with even more years experience of working with lasers, imported a range of these new machines from different manufacturers in China to find the best available and test the market. Following regular visits to carefully selected factories, we are now the European and UK distributor for two manufacturers of wide range of reliable and sophisticated cutter engravers. These have cutting beds ranging in size from A4 for the hobbyist to 2500 mm x 1525mm suitable for industrial use. Larger machines use an anodised slatted bed, easily cleaned, unlike the early ‘honeycomb’ bed which quickly blocked with frass and could become a fire hazard. This type of bed reduces the back reflection of the laser beam which can mark the material being worked on. We have now supplied well over four thousand machines to industry, schools, colleges and universities as well as hobbyists.

Instead of an expensive air cooled metal laser tube, these new models usually use a much cheaper glass tube cooled quietly by re-circulated water. Glass lasers have a typical life of 1500+ hours - although HPC know of one used several hours daily which has lasted ten years. Glass lasers are typically around £250 to replace entirely compared to up to several thousands to refill a metal tube and are the most expensive component used in the machine. Some users of metal tube systems find it cheaper to buy a new, complete HPC laser engraver for less than the cost of re-filling a metal tube! Replacing the glass laser is very easy, just requiring the re-attachment of two PTFE clips to the electrodes and re-connecting the water cooling system. The water needs to be kept clean of course –HPC have seen water being re-circulated in some of their machines which would disgrace a village pond! At extra cost, HPC can supply a water chiller which is useful for situations where a machine is run in a production environment.
The laser beam cannot escape from inside the device, the windows being opaque to the infra-red beam and sophisticated interlocks prevent the beam emerging if the lid is left open. All the machines are computer controlled, with software easily loaded into the machines which have a memory capable of storing many repeat designs. Most cadcam drawing systems, e.g. 2D Design, Autocad and CORELDRAW are compatible with all HPC machines.
A wide range of materials can be cut or engraved by all the machines in the range, off limit materials being those that emit poisonous or damaging fumes e.g. from PVC. Smoke extraction is standard throughout the range and fume filters are available for situations where the extract cannot be to the open air.
HPC is concerned to keep the prices of machines as low as possible, knowing the narrow margins most plastic fabricators,sign makers (and schools) have to work with, so costs are kept as low as possible consistent with providing an excellent advice and after sales support service. The machines are being developed continuously, with longer tube lives and the latest move being to lower the overall height of one machine by 100 mm, allowing smaller school pupils see the materials actually being cut. HPC have also designed a machine (680 x 400mm bed) which is 720 mm wide, allowing it to pass through single doors, a frequent source of siting problems. Glass lasers with a power of 150W are now available with a 10,000 hour life at an extra cost of less than £2000 for top of the range machines.

HPC is not letting the grass grow under its feet. Following the route of thoroughly testing a range of machines to find reliable ones, we also supply computer controlled routers with bed sizes ranging from 600 X 900 mm to 2440X1220mm at affordable prices. Out latest stock includes fiber laser cutter from 300w to 6kw with a wide range of bed sizes for the metal cutters among readers, with systems starting at less than £50,000!Our machines are CE tested in the UK, so they provide peace of mind. As part of the installation service we provide full training for the operators. We are also able to dismantle large machines should there be access problems if you wish to re-locate them.

When considering buying one of our machines, bear in mind that HPC

  • Have Supplied over 4000 machines, over 1000 in Schools and Educational establishments

  • Keeps a full stock of all parts in the UK

  • Has machines in stock for fast delivery on our own vehicles including offloading

  • Provides technical help and advice 8-6 Monday- Friday and 8-12 on Saturdays

  • Gives on-line help as well

  • Provides annual Services at £245+Vat

  • We now offer an upgrade to 3 year warranty

HPC Laser ltd supplies quality CO2 laser cutting and engraving systems at competitive prices. Used in industry and education all suitable for use with files from Autocad and Coreldraw, they will also work with 2D design.They are Ideal to import DXF, AI ,BMP,TIFF, Files and others but remember Lasers need a cutting path to follow normally called a vector path .They will also engrave which is called rastering this is where the laser moves left to right as a printer would. with all our Laserscript machines you can adjust the "scan gap"(DPI) this makes the engraving coarser or finer depending on the finish you want.We offer U.K based service, installation and back up provided by our highly experienced friendly staff.

Due to our commitment to keep production budgets down and make your life as easy as possible we now supply a range of laser cutter substrates such as:

Laser Ply this is excellent for laser cutting it cuts at faster rates than normal and eliminates the burnt edge.

Slate Coasters and plaques; these laser engrave really well and for pence each-great profit for you supplied by a U.K slate mine.

Perspex, Acrylic, Laserable engraving laminate supplied at a size for your CO2 laser. 

Laser engraving sheets an abs laminate that you laser through the front colour to reveal the second colour. We import this direct and it is less than half price compared to other stockists.

The Main difference in our machines is the build quality and linear bearings we use is fantastic ,we could buy cheaper but dont want to risk our reputation or machine reliability.


Thanks for looking,

Chris Jacobs


Office: 01422 310800

Email direct : Sales@hpclaser.co.uk

Fax: 01422 400099

HPC Laser is now on https://www.facebook.com/pages/HPC-LASER/661697960523804?ref=hl

Terms:- Deposit required, payment upon delivery


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