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Fiber Laser Cutters

The HPC Laser Range of Fiber Laser Cutters

Our vast experience in the supply of fiber laser cutting machines makes us your idea partner for our wide range of metal cutting solutions.

Our fleet of fiber laser cutting machines is highly specified and extremely competitively priced.

We offer customised and tailored solutions upon request including options for additional safety and security features such as integrated light curtains and pressure mats.

With a team of highly experienced nationwide engineers we are on hand to assist when we’re needed.

Incredibly affordable compact footprint metal cutting machines, available with bed size options of 600 x 400mm and 1300 x 900mm.

The perfect choice where power and flexibility are required but space is limited.

A variety of different laser sources are available up to 4kW depending on specific nature of the target materials.

Fully enclosed, compact full-sheet fibre laser machines including bed size options of 2500 x 1300mm and 3000 x 1500mm.

Multiple laser source options available up to 12kW for processing of the most demanding materials.

The servo driven up/down door and pull-out loading table make loading material and removing finished parts a breeze.

Our flagship machine range, available with a wide range of options such as tube cutting and dual exchange bed arrangements for maximum efficiency and easy loading and unloading of sheet material and finished parts.

Multiple laser sources up to 20kW are available and we can tailor the configuration to suit your specific needs.

Our “blank canvas” machine option which can be configured to suit the exact requirements of a standalone manufacturing cell.

From continuous production coil fed machines to magazine fed systems we have a vast array of options to suit your manufacturing requirements.

The optimum solution for the most challenging of applications.

About Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

Fiber laser cutting machines are the ultimate in high power, precision cutting devices for metallic materials. With high power fiber-optic laser sources starting from 500W, we offer solutions up to 12kW. High powered sources can be used for cutting an incredible thickness of 25mm mild and stainless steel and 15mm aluminium. Subject to the power and suitability of the laser source, fiber laser cutting machines are also quite capable of processing other non-ferrous materials such as brass and copper and are available in a multitude of bed sizes.

Features and options

An incredible array of options are available with HPC fiber laser cutter machines. We offer a multitude of laser source manufacturers to suit all budgets whilst still delivering on the service and reliability that you would expect from HPC. We offer class 4 open arrangements together with fully enclosed safety interlocked class 1 systems. Our flatbed machines are available with dual table interchange systems. These allow you to unload one table and load new material whilst the other table is processing material inside the machine. Thus offering huge savings on operator redundancy and material setup times.

All HPC Laser machines are provided with an on-board windows based computer system together with an intuitive heavy duty control panel. This is particularly suited for arduous environments. Our fiber laser sources are water cooled, and so our machines are supplied with a heavy duty water chiller to ensure reliable 24/7 operation should you require it.

We understand that fiber laser metal cutting machines represent a significant investment. Hence, we offer a full delivery, installation, commissioning and onsite training service. However, our commitment to the customer does not stop there. Our highly experienced national team of service engineers are on hand to offer service and maintenance at a frequency and urgency to suit your budgets. Furthermore, purchase of any HPC machine entitles you to our highly rated lifetime e mail and telephone technical support, meaning you’re never alone when you encounter difficulties.

Any Questions?

We offer realistic and impartial advice as to the practicalities and capabilities of each machine for particular applications. We welcome the opportunity to process sample components for prospective customers. Also, we offer live demonstration sessions on our entire machine range at our showroom in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK.

How To Get In Touch

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US to discuss your application with our friendly and knowledgeable UK based sales team.

Fibre Laser Cutter
Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment UK

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