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LS2515 PRO Flatbed Laser

LS2515 Pro Flatbed Laser

Model: LS2515 PRO Flatbed Laser

Price From: £15,495.00 (ex. VAT)

Bed Size: 2500 x 1500mm

Laser Source: Water Cooled CO2 Glass Tube

Your ideal production partner

The LS2515 flatbed CO2 laser cutter is ideal for large scale production needs such as sign makers and woodworkers. It is able to process materials which include acrylics, plywood’s, and MDF.

Other materials include Paper, card, greyboard, acrylic, mylar, laser plywood, MDF, woods, engraving laminate, rubber, leather, fabrics.

Material Thickness Cutting Speed
Acrylic 20mm 2mm/sec
MDF 12mm 5mm/sec

What is included:

  • Separate IP68 submersible pump and 35 litre water tank
  • Extraction fan unit and 6″ diameter flexible hose – 2 pieces 1500mm long each (to vent to atmosphere)
  • Free standing oil-free diaphragm compressor
  • Ruida controller as standard
  • RDWorks is the standard software package with Ruida. However, the controller is also compatible with Lightburn which is available on request

Main Features:

  • 2500 x 1500mm bed size
  • 150W co2 laser tube
  • Maximum cutting thickness  20mm Acrylic
  • Recommended maximum  cutting thickness 12mm acrylic
  • Water cooled CO2 gas filled glass tube
  • Manual laser head height adjustment
  • Red dot pointer system for easily and quickly lining up your work
  • Slatted non-reflective aluminium bar bed for supporting a wide range of materials and weights
  • High quality optics provide high accuracy, reliability and long life
  • Air assist to control heat and disperse smoke and debris around cutting nozzle
  • Water flow switch to provide protection against failure of cooling system
  • Drive system    Stepper motor
  • Location precision   <0.01mm
  • Typical design software    Adobe Illustrator,  AutoCAD, Corel Draw, 2D design
  • Preferred file types    .dxf, .plt
  • Operating system support    Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (RDWorks and Lightburn) macOS and Linux (Lightburn only)
  • Minimum character size    1.5mm x 1.5mm
  • Power supply    220V (or 110V) +/- 10% 50Hz (or 60Hz)
  • Machine interfaces    2 x USB (1 x USB cable for PC and 1 x USB socket for memory stick)
  • Warranty    12 months onsite excluding consumables (laser tube and optics). Onsite warranty covers mainland UK with the exception of Islands and the Scottish Highlands.

Flexible and intuitive software included:

Included with the LS2515 is the RDWorks software package. The machine is also compatible with Lightburn which is available on request. For more information please head to Ruida Controllers and Software.

Optional Extras

  • Laser fume filtration system for enclosed spaces
  • CW5200 water chiller unit
  • Sheet materials including acrylic, plywood, MDF veneers, engraving laminate
  • Laser machine compatible antifreeze

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Item does not include delivery. A quote can be provided for delivery with installation and training by sending your address to sales@hpclaser.co.uk

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