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LS1690 PRO Laser

Model: LS1690 PRO Laser

Price From: £8,750.00 (ex. VAT)

Bed Size: 1600 x 900mm

Laser Source: Water Cooled CO2 Glass Tube

Size, power AND control ….

Sometimes when you need maximum productivity it’s only the biggest and best that will do.

The Laserscript LS1690 is a high precision cutting machine. With a huge 1600mm x 900mm work area and an 80W laser tube as standard capable of cutting fabrics, leather, plastics, rubber and wood. It is also more than capable of engraving stone, glass and slate. Power upgrades of 130W and 150W are available if you really want maximum production rates or to process thicker materials.

Investment in the LS1690 brings with it an expectation that reliability comes as standard so we use only the highest quality materials in its construction. From our high quality mirrors to the coated lens, the LS1690 will work hard to keep you in front of the competition.

The visible red dot pointer tells you exactly where your work will be processed allowing you to position your materials more accurately and to minimise waste. The machine lid and laser tube access door are also cleverly interlocked to the EN 60825 with premium Allen Bradley CE marked coded switches to ensure compliance with CE requirements.

The motorised LS1690 bed comes with a 230mm adjustment, allowing you to easily work directly with larger objects.

If a bed size of 1600mm x 900mm is a little too large, our LS1290 is a very similar machine in a more compact enclosure. Or if you are looking for a larger flatbed machine to take full size sheets of material please take a look at our LS2515 or LS2030.

Flexible and intuitive software included:

Included with the LS1690 is the RDWorks software package. The machine is also compatible with Lightburn which is available on request. For more information please head to Ruida Controllers and Software.

The complete LS1690 package:

When you buy the LS1690 we include all the hardware necessary to get you started, including:

  • Separate air assist compressor to disperse heat, smoke and debris from the work area
  • Fume extraction fan and flexible hoses
  • IP68 submersible water pump and 35 litre water tank
  • Ruida controller as standard
  • RDWorks is the standard software package with Ruida. However, the controller is also compatible with Lightburn which is available on request

Optional stand-alone fume filter and water chiller are available to perfectly integrate with the LS1690.

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