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Best Laser Cutting Designs of September


Best Laser Cutting Designs of September

You’ve shown us some amazing laser work throughout September!

We’re already getting the October edition together (don’t forget to show us your Halloween designs!)

For your chance to feature on our website:

  1. Post your design on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  2. Tag @HPCLaser and #HPCLaser in the caption. This means we can find the image!
  3. Tell us about your design: Your machine, materials and creative process

If you like what you see, please follow the links in the titles and usernames to find out more about the designs and designers!


Geometric Placemats


Laser Cut Geometric Mats

These geometric placemats and coasters were a commission, cut from birch wood on a Laserscript desktop machine. I highly recommend checking their Instagram for more photos of these unique designs.


Dino Necklaces


Laser Engraving Dinosaur Mirrored Acrylic

More creative jewellery from @whatlauradrew, laser cut and engraved on 3mm mirror acrylic on a HPC CO2 laser machine.


Walnut Bee


CO2 Laser Engraved Walnut Bee

The engraving and design detail on this piece is something else.  If you follow this link to the original post, you’ll be greeted with more photos of the design, some quality puns and a chance to bee one of the hive. Amazing work Mark, you had us at “Nectar rewards not available with each purchase”.


Spirit of Free Enterprise


CO2 Laser Cut Boat

This was created by Carl at Linkspan Models. Carl primarily makes model ship construction kits like this on his LS3060 PRO. The models are composed of a many parts and materials, including but not limited to; fiberglass, styrene, brass and resin cast.


Model Train


CO2 Laser Cut Model Train

Jon at Bowaters Models uses his LS6090 PRO to produce model trains. These trains are made from 1.5mm plywood and 2mm MDF and usually coated with acrylic paint. Each model produced takes hours to design, hours to cut and also to assemble. There’s a lot of time and thought goes into these models and it shows.


Steampunk Helmets


CO2 Laser Cut Leather Steampunk Helmets

Sam Weldon cut these steampunk helmets from 2.3mm leather, designed by Anatoly Levit, a specialist in leather pattern design. The design is incredible, and the pieces have been crafter together perfectly. Great job to both of you!


Sound Diffuser


CO2 Laser Cut Sound Diffuser

Diffusers are used for sound absorbance, reducing echo and reverb in a multitude of places, from music studios and theatres, to home cinemas and restaurants.

Skunkworks use their LS6090 PRO to make these from 3mm plywood and 50mm acoustic foam.


Car Cake


Car Cake with Laser Cut Chassis

We know this doesn’t look like anything to do with laser cutting, ‘just’ an amazing cake. However, at the bottom of the car is a laser cut chassis. Certainly the first cake chassis we’ve seen!


Let us know what you think of these designs!


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