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10 of The Best Laser Cutting Designs of Christmas

Christmas Tree and bauble

10 of The Best Laser Cutting Designs of Christmas

Your response and entries have been amazing!

So, we thought we’d do a seasonal edition showcasing your Christmassy creations!

Don’t worry if your design didn’t make it this time round, there’s more on the way!

Let us know your favourites!



Christmas Bee

Gemma Barlow

Christmas Bee

Created in Corel Draw, the trees are made from 3mm MDF.

Although a very intricate design, the LS6840 really did this one justice.


Deer Christmas Eve Box


Christmas Eve Box

You can personalise this Christmas Eve box design, for storing whichever treats you decide!


Snowflake Jewellery


Snowflake Jewellery

This jewellery is made from various 3mm acrylics and diamantes on the LS3040.

In her own words ‘Who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas sparkle?’


3-D Christmas Card


3D Card

3-D cards are becoming more and more popular, and we love this one.

It was made with an upgraded 80W LS6090, and is a clever and efficient design.


Snowflake Hanging Trees


Snowflake Tree

Another unique design that stands out!

Incorporating snowflake shapes into this design has worked really well.

They were created with an LS6840 from 3mm Birch Ply.


Presentation Box


Gift Box

We love this presentation box, the detail on it, and how smooth the finish is.

More amazing work with Ply!





These assorted Christmas features are made with 4mm Ply on the LS3060, before adding additional detailing by hand.





1.5mm Birch Ply was used to make these skate decorations.

The marking works very effectively on Birch when combined with a design like this.


Bauble Tree


Bauble Holder

This clear 5mm Acrylic tree was cut and engraved by the LS3060 with a 60W upgrade.


Gift Set


Gift Set

This personalised gift set of tumblers and a flask keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

A great gift idea at this time of year!



Before you go!

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  3. Tell us about your design! Your creative process, the machine and materials you used and what it was inspired by


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