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Fume Extraction

Although the laser itself produces no fumes, the material being worked on usually does. A laser cutting acrylic thermally decomposes the material and produces fumes which are 90% volatiles and 10% sub-micron particulates. We recommend the industry leading “Bofa” filtration systems using HEPA and carbon filters, depending on what you are cutting/engraving. As an independent company we will only recommend the best and most suitable filter for your machine and your health.

You can also extract the fumes to the atmosphere usually without problems, provided you never cut PVC. This emits chlorine when worked which is a health hazard as well as likely to damage aluminium parts of the machine.

The Laserscript LS3020 and LS3020 LSCT come with a basic fan built in and 2m of 100 mm pipe which can easily be extended. We offer a new fume filter system to suit these smaller laser systems should you need one.

The PRO machines come with an extraction fan which will blow any smoke through the 6m of ducting we provide. Please ask for further information. We are happy to supply any machine with an extraction system designed to suit your situation as a “ package deal”.

HPC Laser Ltd. deal directly with BOFA and because we are able to order large numbers we have secured favourable prices from them for filter systems and an excellent rate for replacement filters. Please contact us for more details.


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