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HPC Laser laser engraving machines


We are a leading UK company with over 3500 machines already supplied and installed and with over 1000 of these in schools and educational establishments.

All of our PRO range come with full onsite warranty, unlimited phone and email support.

HPC Laser is the UK and European distributor of Laserscript CO2 laser cutting machines and laser engraving machines.

Laserscript support their products with easy access to technical support, full spares back up and the Laserscript online forum open to all users of their products.

We supply laser cutting and laser engraving systems with a range of lenses, sheet products and spares all from our UK stock.

Supplying industry and education, we have successfully supplied schools, colleges and universities many of which were recommended.

Computer controlled laser cutters or engravers are safer than more traditional sharp edge cutting instruments such as knives, hacksaws and drills.

Safe remote control makes a laser cutting and engraving machine ideal in a teaching or busy work environment.

The risk of 20 students each using Stanley knives is negated as the ‘sharp’ edge of the laser cutting tool is sealed in a box where it can do no harm.

Safety is of paramount importance so all our engravers and cutters are fitted with various safety devices including ‘cut out’ and ‘overload’ protection which meets or exceeds the required standard for Health and Safety compliance as well as CE certification.

Documentary proof of this is provided with every new laser engraving and cutting machine we supply.


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